Case Results

  • Dismissed
    State v. Hartley
    July ‘19: Animal Cruelty, Dismissed w/o cost (Rutherford County)
  • Retired
    State v. Pottinger
    June ‘17: Felony Theft, Retired (Rutherford County)
  • Reduced
    State v. Wolf
    Sept ‘17: DUI Reduced to Reckless Endangerment (Rutherford)
  • Dismissed
    State v. Luna
    January ‘19: Felony Drug Case and Search Warrant - All charges dismissed after suppression hearing - (Lincoln County)
  • Suspended Sentence
    State v. Jennings
    February ‘19: Suppression of Evidence - suspended sentence (Rutherford County)
  • Dismissed
    State v. Bullard
    March ‘18: VOP Dismissed (Dekalb County)